Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The United States Must End Support for the Yemen Genocide


The United States Must End Support for the Yemen Genocide
William O. Beeman
Comment for New York Times

The United States' despicable support for Saudi Arabian genocide in Yemen cannot be dismissed by claiming opposition to Iran. Iranian involvement is minimal, and only started well after the Saudis began this slaughter. The Houthis are NOT rebels. They are Zayidi Muslims, a branch of Shi'ism. The Zayidis ruled Yemen from the 9th Century until the 1970s. So this is a civil war, not a rebellion. Moreover, the Houthis/Zayidis have already effectively won. The Saudis are trying to dislodge them at this point through genocidical action. The Saudis see the Zayidis as a threat, because they also live across the Yemeni border in Southern Saudi Arabia. We must get this blood off our hands, and stop the carpet bombing murder of innocent civilians. Rather than providing military support to Saudi Arabia, we should be pressuring Riyadh to support a cease fire and a peaceful settlement.

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