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O'Reilly: Mass Murder is the "Sane Thing to Do" :: from :: news from occupied Iraq - ch

O'Reilly: Mass Murder is the "Sane Thing to Do" :: from :: news from occupied Iraq - ch: "March 10, 2006

March 10, 2006
by Kurt Nimmo

It is now obvious—Fox News loud-mouth Bill O’Reilly is a dangerous sociopath. He should be removed immediately from both television and radio.

"You know, in a sane world, every country would unite against Iran and blow it off the face of the earth. That would be the sane thing to do, just go in and remove the government, because this is a terrorist state," said Bill on his radio program a couple days ago. In Bushzarro world, it is sane to kill hundreds of thousands of people, it is normal to invade countries predicated on nothing more than lies, dissimulation, and fabrication.

Because Fox News (and the rest of the corporate media) tell us over and over (ad nauseam) Iran has nukes, this does not make it so—in fact, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency and its director general Mohamed ElBaradei, there is "no evidence" that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons.

It is well-known—for those who pay attention—that the whole Iranian nuke ruse began with accusations made by Alireza Jafarzadeh, spokesman for the cultish and Marxist Mujahedin-e-Khalq, officially listed by the State Department as a terrorist group. O’Reilly may even have Jafarzadeh’s name and number in his rolodex because Jafarzadeh works as an "independent" Iran analyst for Fox News.

On August 14, 2002, Jafarzadeh told the world about the existence of a uranium enrichment facility in Natanz and a heavy water facility in Arak.

As it turns out, the plant at Natanz was idle as a result of Russia canceling a deal to sell a turn-key gas-centrifuge plant, and the Arak heavy water facility is more or less useless. In fact, these facilities are not violations of the NPT and Iran is fully within its right to have them. Moreover, Iran’s uranium enrichment program is not a violation of the NPT, although in Bushzarro world the very mention of "Iran" and "uranium enrichment" in the same sentence means the evil mullahs are about to nuke Israel—or school kids in Poughkeepsie.

For Iran, it’s all a matter of national pride.

According to William O. Beeman, Brown University’s Middle East Studies program professor, Iran wants "to be known and seen as a modern, developing state with a modern, developing industrial base. The history of relations between Iran and the West for the last hundred years has included Iran’s developing various kinds of industrial and technological advances to prove to themselves—and to attempt to prove to the world—that they are, in fact, that kind of country…. When Iranians talk about it, and talk about the United States, they say, 'The United States is trying to repress us; they’re trying to keep us down and keep us backward, make us a second-class nation. And we have the ability to develop a nuclear industry, and we’re being told we’re not good enough, or we can’t.’ And this makes people furious—not just the clerical establishment, but this makes the person on the street, even 16- and 17-year-olds, absolutely boil with anger. It is such an emotional issue that absolutely no politician could ever back down on this question."

More than likely, the oafish Bill O’Reilly knows nothing about Iran or its national pride.

For O’Reilly and millions of his seriously deluded listeners and viewers, Iran is an amorphous blob ruled by evil mullahs. He does not think about what the result would be if the United States bombed Iran "off the face of the earth," he apparently does not care that such an action would result in thousands of dead people—a few mullahs, but mostly innocent men, women, and children.

O’Reilly has not thought through the consequences—more depleted uranium released into the atmosphere, resulting in more cancer and birth defects—or maybe he has thought through the consequences and simply does not give a damn. Maybe his reptilian brain has the best of him. In fact, I’d bet on it.

Bill O’Reilly is a dangerous sociopath.

If O’Reilly wasn’t on television and the radio, spreading his misanthropic hate-mongering, demonstrating his fear of those outside the scope of his understanding, it wouldn’t be a big deal—there are plenty of sociopaths loose in the world and they usually only harm a small number of people. But O’Reilly has access to millions of people, as does another dangerous sociopath, Michael "Savage" Weiner. Both ooze hatred and the desire to make people suffer. Remarkably, both are popular here in Bushzarro world, millions of people tune in and nod their heads in agreement.

In America, we like our hate-mongering sociopaths so much we allowed a bunch of them to take over the government.

It’s going to be difficult as hell to get them out of there.

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