Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Hoax Regarding Iran (part 1) --Lecture by William O. Beeman

The Hoax Regarding Iran (part 1)

March 1st, 2012  |  Published in Palestine-Israel and the Middle East, US Imperialism
“The Hoax Regarding Iran”

The 2006 doc film “Why We Fight” described the rise of the United States’ military–industrial complex, and its involvement with US led wars. The 2007 film “War Made Easy” provided a fresh look at the machinations of the United States’ propaganda system and its ability to push the public’s acceptance for war.

Despite these and countless other attempts to build a media-savvy US population, apparently, nearly half of the US population is still susceptible to pro-war propaganda delivered through the US media system.

In a humble way, Our World In Depth contributes 2 additional episodes dedicated to counter-propaganda regarding Iran, the current target of the US pro-war propaganda machine.
In presentation, along with open Q and A, professor and Middle East expert William Beeman debunks myths being propagated about Iran, including the hyped-up rhetoric about Iran’s nuclear program. Beeman suggests an urgent need to try to stop another lie-based attack on another country in the Middle East. (Feb. 2012, Minneapolis)