Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Trump's utter and complete incompetence

Trump is incompetent. Period. We elect presidents to lead our nation, to protect us, and to solve national dilemmas. It is perhaps bad luck that presidents encounter disasters, wars, economic collapse, disease and other dangers to the nation. But presidents are supposed to have the skill and experience to extricate the nation from these terrible events. Trump is simply incapable of managing this task. The nation chose badly. We chose someone who was a bomb-thrower, a huckster, and first and foremost, someone who put his own personal interests above the needs and concerns of the nation. What is worse, Trump dithers and shuck-and-jives his way through this terrible mess by claiming that no one could do better, asserting loudly that he is superior to any alternative, present or past, as if these empty proclamations actually solve our national dilemma. It is such a juvenile strategy, it defies imagination, and drives me and others to weep in rage that such a ridiculous person holds our fate in his hands. I'm certain that anyone else could have done a better job in the current crisis. I am certain that Hillary Clinton would have put all chicanery and personal interests aside to do what was effective. I even believe that Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, or John Kaisich to name a few competent Republicans would have had better control. We will be generations trying to clean up Trump's complete mess. He has blown his presidency, and God help us if he is given four more years of chaos