Wednesday, May 26, 2010

William O. Beeman--New York Times M istaken onIranian NPT Violations

Michael Slackman once again distorts reality in his New York Times reporting on Iran's nuclear program today (Monday, May 24) <>. He writes: "Iran is already in violation of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty for refusing to answer questions from inspectors and restricting places they can visit."

Who has made this determination? First of all, it is patently not true, or based on such incredibly contentious and insubstantial grounds as to be utterly specious (and Slackman doesn't detail the basis for this judgement).

Although both President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have also made this statement in general terms, I know of no arbiter who would be able to make a judgment on this.

If the United States (or the New York Times) wants to make a case for this outrageous canard, let them come forward with specifics, and let the United Nations set up a tribunal to determine if the charges hold water. I guarantee they do not. Iran remains in compliance with the NPT.


Bill Beeman
University of Minnesota