Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Neoconservative Reuel Marc Gerecht insults Dr. Hassan Rowhani in the New York Times

Self-avowed neoconservative Reuel Marc Gerecht in the New York Times on Sunday chose to insult Dr. Hassan Rowhani's educational credentials by stating that he "supposedly has a Ph.D. in constitutional law from some university in Scotland (exactly where isn't clear)"

Here are the details from Glasgow Caledonian University where he received his higher degrees

Here are the details from Glasgow Caledonian University, where he received his Ph.D:

"Dr Rouhani, who was a clear winner of the Iranian Presidential election capturing more than 50% of the vote, studied at GCU in the 1990s under his family name of Hassan Feridon. He was awarded an MPhil in 1995. His thesis was entitled The Islamic Legislative Power with reference to the Iranian experience. In 1999, Dr Rouhani gained a PhD with his thesis, The Flexibility of Shariah (Islamic Law), with reference to the Iranian experience.

Dr Rouhani's election campaign videos featured pictures of Glasgow Caledonian University and the former GCU student spoke warmly of his time in the city. On Tuesday, June 18, the Glasgow-based Herald newspaper reported on Dr Rouhani's first news conference in Tehran, quoting him as saying he would "follow the path of moderation and justice, not extremism".

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Anonymous said...

Tsk Tsk. How awful that nasty (self-avowed neocon) man is to point out Rohani's record of dubious distinction.
To top it off he took a swipe at Rowhani's academic credentials, the ultimate indignity.