Wednesday, January 07, 2009

LA Times--William O. Beeman Response to Halevi and Oren "Defeat Iran to Defeat Hamas"

Re “Defeat Hamas to defeat Iran,” Opinion, Jan. 4

In maintaining that Israel is really fighting Iran in Gaza, not Hamas or the Palestinians, Yossi Klein Halevi and Michael B. Oren conveniently ignore the historical relations between Hamas and Iran. <,0,3919516.story

Hamas arose during the first Palestinian intifada with its own philosophy and beliefs. Iran's initial offers of aid were spurned by Hamas' leadership as pure opportunism.

Today, Iran provides little more than lip service to Hamas' cause for its own propaganda efforts.

Even now, the Israeli government seems to be exaggerating Iran's role in order to create an enemy proportionate to Israel's hammering of the people of Gaza. It is despicable to cruelly smash a small, inadequately armed group of virtual prisoners.

William O. Beeman


The writer is a professor and chair of the department of anthropology at the University of Minnesota.


Hossein said...

I watched your program on VOA and it was great

ari said...

As an anthropology professor, what makes you think that you understand the situation in the Middle East better than Halevi and Oren who are professionally far better qualified than you to analyze the situation there. You have been an apologist for the murderous Iranian regime for many years. You spew out delusionary advise to our government to be "polite and humble" in our dealings with Iran (no doubt you would have applauded Chamberlin’s politeness and humility as he negotiated with Hitler).

You clearly show your total ignorance when you state that Klein Halevi and Oren conveniently ignore the historical relations between Hamas and Iran and that "Iran provides little more than lip service to Hamas' cause". Historical relationships between fanatical Islamic groups or nations mean nothing when it comes to their mutual hatred of Israel and the Jews. Syria historically was a sworn enemy of Iran, yet now they are the best of buddies united in their hate for Israel and the U.S. Where do you think Hamas is getting the money and the long range missiles? Do you think they manufacture them in their back yard?
What is despicable is not Israel trying to crush a terrorist organization, but your characterization of this organization as "a small inadequately armed group of virtual prisoners".

Anonymous said...

..."a small inadequately armed group of virtual prisoners" that day after day, year after year kept peaceful Israeli citizens fearing for their lives while Hams teach its children the hating of the Jew? If you think that Israel should have opened the border and let the suicide bombers walk the streets of Tel Aviv, you are a Jew-hater yourself. Israel and other countries have poured loads of money and other aid into Gaza, but Hamas bought weapons instead of baby formula. You speak the language of the Qassams, of the Grads, of the Iranian regime, of Hugo Chavez et all in your quest to demonize Israel.